Dr. Edney is a clinical and forensic psychologist with additional expertise in neuropsychology. He is a Cofounder and the Director of Operations for Shanlis Inc. He has been licensed as a psychologist since 1993. He specializes in forensic psychology, specifically criminal and family law. Dr. Edney has extensive experience conducting a wide range of evaluations in various settings. He is regularly called upon to provide evaluations to various government and private entities, as well as to provide expert testimony in the court setting.

In the realm of criminal law, Dr. Edney conducts the following evaluations:

  • Competence to Proceed:
  • Criminal responsibility (insanity defense)
  • Mitigation (downward departure)
  • Assessment of violence risk
  • Assessment of sexual behavior risk/psychosexual assessment
  • Involuntary commitment and treatment
  • Competence to waive Miranda rights

In the realm of civil law, Dr. Edney conducts the following evaluations: social investigations, parental capacity evaluations, and guardianship evaluations.

  • Social investigations
  • Parental capacity evaluations
  • Guardianship evaluations

Dr. Edney also performs evaluations assessing for:

  • Intellectual disability
  • Learning disabilities
  • Neuropsychological/cognitive impairment
  • Personality/thought/mood disorders
  • Trauma
  • Alcohol/substance abuse