Dr. Williams is a clinical and forensic psychologist with additional expertise in neuropsychology. He is a Cofounder and the Clinical Director for Shanlis Inc.. He was first licensed in Florida during 1998 and was qualified as an expert forensic witness the same year. He is also licensed and practices in Vermont and New York.

Dr. Williams has specializations in both criminal and civil forensic psychology law matters. He is frequently retained as a consultant by legal teams for both criminal and civil law matters. Dr. Williams is also routinely called upon to conduct both clinical and forensic psychology trainings for various community and state providers.

His clinical experience aside, Dr. Williams has also taught at the Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral levels throughout his career. Most recently, Dr. Williams was a professor of psychology at Concordia University where he taught Psychology and the Law, Forensic Psychology, Advanced Forensic Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Behavioral Neurobiology and Social Psychology courses.

On the criminal side of forensic psychology, Dr. Williams is an expert in the administration of the following examinations:

  • Competence to Proceed
  • Competence to Engage in a Plea Bargaining Agreement
  • Competence to waive Miranda rights
  • Criminal responsibility (insanity defense)
  • Mitigation (downward departure; diminished capacity)
  • Assessment of violence risk
  • Assessment of sexual behavior risk
  • Death Penalty Mitigation

On the civil side, Dr. Williams is an expert in the administration of the following examinations:

  • Parental capacity
  • Emotional injury
  • Guardianship and consent
  • Capacity to Consent
  • Competency to Engage in a Contract (e.g., marriage, will, etc.)

In addition, Dr. Williams is trained and experienced in the following areas:

  • Personality Testing
  • Intellectual Assessment
  • Academic Testing
  • Neuropsychological Examination